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Updated 54 minutes ago

Setup your Oracle VPS with ease ....

Updated 7 months ago

A Random string encryptor w.r.t. Timestamps to add Security to your Web Application

Updated 6 months ago

API to Check to show your online presence

Updated 2 weeks ago

Build your own simple Node.js proxy server

Updated 9 months ago

An Basic implementation of JWT and Session token

Updated 5 months ago

Search Osu! beatmaps directly from Spotify or Youtube link

Updated 11 months ago

A DevOps CD tool built to auto pull changes from the git repository into a remote server

Updated 1 year ago

a simple bash installer for gitea! please check if you are using the latest Gitea download link before executing the script

Updated 1 year ago

Crystalise all your VSCode Icons.

Updated 1 year ago